"Advicement came in, freed up time for our analysts and improved our documents. They are always available and offer a reliable service."
Matthew Daniel
Head of Technical Marketing at
Discovery Invest
"Advicement has been exceptionally valuable to OUTvest in helping us build our algorithms and improve our processes."
Grant Locke
Managing Director at
"We are super pleased with the quality of work Advicement did when creating our institutional documents. We highly recommend them."
Traugott (TC) von Czettritz
Business Development & Strategy at
Sentio Capital Management
"Advicement is supporting our business by creating our factsheets regularly. Super quick, cost-efficient and professional."
Anver Dollie
Head of Product Enablement at
Absa CIB

Generate Documents with JSON to PDF API

Create PDF documents in bulk with our cost-effective DynamicDocs API – suitable for any business size.


Dynamic PDF Documents

Transform your data, use logic statements, insert charts and create custom dynamic PDF documents.


Optimized PDF Documents

Automate PDF documents using LaTeX. Reduce file size and optimise for digital viewing!

Charts and more

Interactive PDF Documents

Wow your clients with custom dynamic charts, interactive buttons, links and more!


Convert JSON to PDF

Generate PDF documents by calling DynamicDocs API with your unique data in JSON format.

Latest JSON to PDF Templates

e-commerce invoice template
Invoice E-Commerce Invoice Template
This e-commerce invoice template converts JSON to PDF while controlling the content and layout from the JSON using LaTeX commands to style the document.
report template
Report Business Report Template
This business report template converts JSON to PDF while controlling the content and layout from the JSON using LaTeX commands to style the document.
flyer template
Flyer Marketing Flyer
This template generates a flyer with images, dynamic text, headings, buttons, qr codes and more.

Generate Reports from Excel with DynamicDocs Addin

Save time and create dynamic PDF documents directly from Excel.

Fast Reports

With complete automation, the reports are produced in Excel with a click of a button.

Accurate Reports

Build data transformations with custom functions that are specific to your documents.


Aesthetic Reports

Tailor-make reports to your brand and CI. Get ready to blow your clients away with charts, tables and graphics that make you stand out from competitors.

Competitively Priced

Select the right package for your business. Create documents from $0.062per PDF.

Latest Excel to PDF Templates

create investment performance report in excel
Report Investment Performance Report
This Excel template simplifies the reporting process by converting Excel data into investment performance reports. With it, you can create dynamic text, graphs, and tables all controlled by the data in the Excel spreadsheet.
create flyer in excel
Flyer Marketing Flyer
Revolutionize your marketing campaigns with our Marketing Flyer Excel template. This intuitive tool transforms your Excel data into stunning, data-driven marketing flyers with ease.
create market commentary in excel
Market Commentary Market Commentary
Upgrade your market analysis with our Market Commentary Excel template. This tool seamlessly converts your Excel data into insightful, data-driven market commentary reports. Create engaging text, informative graphs, and detailed tables that reflect the fluctuations and trends in the market, all determined by the data in your Excel spreadsheet.

About Us

Igor Rodionov

Igor Rodionov

Igor Rodionov is the founder of Advicement Investment Services.

Before Advicement, Igor worked as a quantitative analyst providing research to the asset management industry in South Africa. During his time at a bank, Igor was a rated analyst in the quantitative analysis and risk measurement categories, according to the Financial Mail’s Ranking the Analysts survey in 2015.

Igor holds BSc (Actuarial Science and Statistics), BSc Hons (Advanced Mathematics of Finance) and MSc (Computational and Applied Mathematics) degrees from the University of Witwatersrand. He continues to maintain a close relationship with the institution.

Jury Rodionov

Jury Rodionov

Jury Rodionov is the system architect of Advicement Investment Services.

He has over 25 years of experience in designing and building production-ready software systems. Jury is proficient in over 10 computer languages with specialities in databases and back-end systems.

Advicement mission is to provide high-quality and dependable pdf generation solution to our clients.

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Create PDFs in the Cloud

The DynamicDocs API utilises the Amazon Web Services infrastructure and creates PDF documents in a matter of seconds.

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Tex to PDF

Use LaTeX Templates

Build your own template in LaTeX or use existing, ready-made, LaTeX-free templates and convert your data with JSON to PDF API.

JSON to PDF Templates Tex to PDF Templates

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