Video: Instant Excel to PDF Transformation - Improve Investment Performance Reports with DynamicDocs Excel Add-In

22 May 2023 Igor Rodionov

In this video, we explore the struggles of creating investment reports in Excel and unveil DynamicDocs Excel to PDF Add-in – an instant solution for high-quality PDF reports.

Struggling with generating investment performance reports in Excel? Does it often lead to subpar results that don't reflect the quality of your work? Don't let your marketing efforts be hampered by slow and low-quality report production.

Introducing DynamicDocs Excel to PDF Add-in - the game-changing solution. With DynamicDocs Add-in, you can transform your Excel data into high-quality, professional-grade PDF reports INSTANTLY, all with just ONE CLICK. No more wasted time or resources.

Watch this video to see DynamicDocs in action and discover how it can revolutionize your Excel reporting process. Start creating stunning, impactful reports that effectively communicate your insights.

Ready to take your reporting to the next level? Sign up at and request a DEMO today to experience the power of JSON to PDF API. Let's transform your investment performance reports and improve your marketing efforts.

For a tutorial video on using DynamicDocs Excel Add-in, visit: Video Tutorial: How to Convert Excel to PDF with DynamicDocs Add-in page.