Excel to PDF in one click

Is your data already in Excel? Our DynamicDocs Excel Add-In is ideal to integrate with DynamicDocs API and generate PDFs directly from Excel.

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Excel to PDF Template Library

With online Excel to PDF Template Library, starting to generate engaging PDF documents has never been easier. This curated collection offers a wide range of ready-to-use templates designed to meet your specific needs, from business reports to invoices.

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Create PDFs Simultaneously

Calling DynamicDocs API is done with a simple click of a button. Your documents are then downloaded automatically into a specified folder.

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Why Use Excel to PDF Add-in?

Enhanced Productivity

Harnessing the power of the DynamicDocs Excel to PDF Add-in translates into a significant boost to your productivity. By automating the often time-consuming process of converting Excel data into PDFs, this tool frees up significant amount of time.

Dynamic and Engaging PDFs

Unleash the power of dynamic visualization with our Excel to PDF Add-in. Now, you can effortlessly transform complex charts, intricate logical structures (like if-statements and for-loops), extensive tables, and detailed calculations into clear, engaging PDFs.


Ease of Use

The DynamicDocs Excel to PDF Add-in is designed with user-friendliness at its core. The process of converting your Excel data into professional PDFs is as simple as clicking a button. Moreover, with features like asynchronous calls allowing for the simultaneous creation of multiple PDFs.

Customer Support

At ADVICEment, we believe in providing not only a top-quality Excel to PDF Add-in, but also unmatched customer support to ensure you have the best experience. Our dedicated team is available to assist you with technical queries and developing new templates. We're here to help.

Latest Excel to PDF Templates

create memo in excel
Memo Memo
This Excel template streamlines the memo creation process by automatically generating memo formats and content. Input your information into the designated fields and the template will produce a professional memo, complete with appropriate headings, layout, and text, all controlled by the data you provide.
create commercial invoice in excel
Invoice Commercial Invoice
This Excel template simplifies the commercial invoicing process by auto-generating invoice layouts and details. Input your product, customer, and shipping information into the specified fields, and the template will produce a professional commercial invoice, complete with calculations and formatting, all driven by the data you enter.
create e commerce invoice in excel
Invoice E Commerce Invoice
This Excel template streamlines the e-commerce invoicing process by automatically generating invoice formats tailored for online transactions. Simply input your product, customer, and payment details into the designated fields, and the template will create a professional e-commerce invoice, complete with proper formatting, all based on the data you provide.
create investment performance report in excel
Report Investment Performance Report
This Excel template simplifies the reporting process by converting Excel data into investment performance reports. With it, you can create dynamic text, graphs, and tables all controlled by the data in the Excel spreadsheet.
create flyer in excel
Flyer Marketing Flyer
Revolutionize your marketing campaigns with our Marketing Flyer Excel template. This intuitive tool transforms your Excel data into stunning, data-driven marketing flyers with ease.
create market commentary in excel
Market Commentary Market Commentary
Upgrade your market analysis with our Market Commentary Excel template. This tool seamlessly converts your Excel data into insightful, data-driven market commentary reports. Create engaging text, informative graphs, and detailed tables that reflect the fluctuations and trends in the market, all determined by the data in your Excel spreadsheet.

Generate Dynamic PDFs from Excel in 2 Steps

Step 1

Design Your Own or
Use Existing Templates

Unleash your creativity and productivity with DynamicDocs Excel to PDF Add-in. For those adept in LaTeX, our add-in opens up a world of customization, allowing you to design your own unique PDF templates from scratch. Align your documents perfectly with your vision and brand using your LaTeX proficiency to create something truly unique. But if you're pressed for time, prefer a ready-made design, or are still exploring LaTeX, don't worry - our extensive template library is here for you. This resource boasts a plethora of professionally designed, ready-to-use templates that can be effortlessly applied to your Excel data.

Step 2

Download Add-in &
Seamlessly Create PDFs

Kickstart your seamless document creation process by downloading and installing the DynamicDocs Excel to PDF Add-In. Utilize our built-in functions to craft custom JSON payloads from your Excel data, all within the familiar environment of your spreadsheet. Invoke the DynamicDocs API directly from Excel, and watch as your data is transformed into high-quality PDFs in real time. The created documents are instantly saved in a specified folder on your computer, ensuring your files are readily accessible. With DynamicDocs Excel Add-In, the process of creating compelling PDFs from your Excel data is not just easy—it's practically automatic.

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