Dynamic PDFs

Typesetting and formatting headaches are a thing of the past with LaTeX. Using LaTex to write the templates you can easily set margins, leading, kerning and justification; and display text, images and charts without any issues. Once your template is set up, you can call the API with data in JSON format to create truly dynamic documents.

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Interactive PDFs

Breathe new life into your data with stunning charts, tables and graphics. DynamicDocs API also makes it easy to adhere to CI guidelines so you’re guaranteed error-free documents that make your brand stand out every time.

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Stay Secure

With Amazon Web Services and our strict adherence to the latest security protocols ensure that your data never falls into the wrong hands. We do not store any of your data and documents for longer than 30 days.

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Save Money

If you’re paying one of your analysts or an agency to generate your documents, you’re paying too much. By using DynamicDocs API, which is based on serverless infrastructure, you will be leveraging technology and will reap the rewards inherent with automation: significant money saved!

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Why Use DynamicDocs API ?

Set and forget

Use existing Latex templates or write your own. Take a few minutes to integrate with our Restful API. Let DynamicDocs do the dynamic PDF generation.

Bring your data to life

Cleanly display custom charts, logic (if statements and for loops), long tables and calculations without any of the usual formatting issues.


Automate and save

Free your staff up to focus on more important aspects of your business and save money with our pay-per-use model starting from $0.05 per document.

Get documents in an instant

Our serverless technology creates your documents in a flash. Download them to your platform with no downtime.

Automate Your PDF Generation in 2 Easy Steps

Step 1

Design your template

Sign up here and start using existing Latex template (or build your own). Embed charts, logic (if statements, for loops) and tables based on dynamic data quickly and easily.

Step 2

Test & Download

Test your template with the dummy JSON data online, then start calling the DynamicDocs API through RapidAPI.com or directly from us if you’re an Enterprise client. Now your documents are ready for instant download thanks to our serverless technology.

Convenience and control


Design, change and adapt your templates online and monitor your API calls from our handy dashboard.

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The right price for your document needs


We offer various plans via RapidAPI.com - Free (Up to 200 free documents per month), Individual, Startup and Business. Enterprise clients (8000+ documents per month) please contact us for a tailored plan.

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