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Your branding and style

Differentiate yourself from competition by promoting your brand and product lines through our tailored document design, which is customized to your branding and in-house styles.

Bespoke Calculations

By leveraging the power of technology, your documents contain professional and aesthetically designed charts, tables and calculations, while following regulatory frameworks, data protection legislation and standard industry practice.

Seamless Turnaround

Once the document templates are set up, the turnaround time for the document generation is seamless, allowing for frequent and regular production.

Reduce Costs

By outsourcing your financial document production, you will be leveraging technology and will reap the rewards inherent with automation: significant money saved!

Create your financial documents
with our solution.

Improve your marketing drive through prompt and regular production of documents.

Convenience and

We do the work

By agreeing on the data format, we implement the document design and code all the necessary calculations. Our documents are all generated algorithmically, which leaves no room for human errors.

Quick, Accurate and Easy

You get your documents immediately

Taking advantage of our technology, you get your documents produced and delivered within one business day by your preferred file delivery mechanism.

Our clients

By outsourcing report production to us, our clients have made significant saving in time and money.

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Use the right technology
for your document production.

Our technology is ideal for financial documents which are data driven and have a set layout.

Advantage #1

Your design and branding

We do not re-use templates. Each document is unique and follows the client's style and branding. This allows our clients to differentiate themselves and stand out from their competition.

Advantage #2

Informative charts and tables

Creating engaging documents is our priority and forte. In a competitive financial space, the marketing and successful differentiation of investment products is increasingly difficult. Stand out from your competition and entice investors.

Advantage #3

Bespoke data analysis

Our technology allows us to include bespoke calculations, which gives flexibility to create unique reports and statements.

Advantage #4

System integration

We have capability to integrate with internal and external data sources, while automatically delivering documents to your server.

About us

Advicement mission is to provide sustainable and effective technology solutions to a financial services industry.

Jury Rodionov

Jury Rodionov

Jury Rodionov is the system architect of Advicement Investment Services.

Jury completed his degree in electrical engineering at a prestigious Politechnic University, Kursk, Russia in 1980s.

He has over 25 years of experience in designing and building production-ready software systems. Jury is proficient in over 10 computer languages with specialities in databases and back-end systems.

Igor Rodionov

Igor Rodionov

Igor Rodionov is the managing director of Advicement Investment Services.

Before Advicement, Igor worked as a quantitative analyst providing research to the asset management industry in South Africa. During his time at a bank, Igor was a rated analyst in the quantitative analysis and risk measurement categories, according to the Financial Mail’s Ranking the Analysts survey in 2015.

Igor holds BSc (Actuarial Science and Statistics), BSc Hons (Advanced Mathematics of Finance) and MSc (Computational and Applied Mathematics) degrees from the University of Witwatersrand. He continues to maintain a close relationship with the institution, and lectures various courses in the school of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.

Jury Rodionov

Savannah Batista

Savannah Batista is an analyst at Advicement Investment Services.

In addition to her work at Advicement, Savannah is currently completing her MSc in Computational and Applied Mathematics at the University of the Witwatersrand, with a focus in Data Science.

Savannah has also obtained a BSc as well as a BSc Hons in Computational and Applied Mathematics at the same university. Her interests include not doing cardio, reading and coding in R.

Use the right technology
for your document production.

Our technology is ideal for documents which are data driven and have a set template.

Factsheets and Minimum Disclosure Documents


Key Information Documents


Regular Marketing Documents


Custom Financial Reports

Our typical workflow

Get in touch today and we will take you through our workflow.

Initial Contact

Get in touch with us today and we will set up a call for an introduction. Typically, we do a proof of concept for our clients, so be ready to send us data and a template (if one is available).

0 days


Typically a proof of concept takes about 10 business days. At this stage, you will need to make a decision. We will then provide a service level agreement with the discussed terms and deliverables.

2 Week
+- 10 business days


During this phase we implement all your documents using our technology and set up file delivery of your choice.

4 Weeks
+- 20 business days


The prices below give you an indication and may change depending on requirements.

  • Basic
  • This plan is ideal for businesses with a few document requirements, typically between 1-10 documents.
  • $125 / document
  • Custom Design and Branding
  • Bespoke Calculations
  • File Delivery Mechanism
  • Email Support
  • Standard
  • This plan is ideal for financial firms with multiple document requirements, typically more than 10.
  • $100 / document
  • Custom Design and Branding
  • Bespoke Calculation
  • Existing System Integration
  • File Delivery Mechanism
  • Email Support
  • High Volume
  • This plan is ideal for a high volume requirements which is required when doing large scale reporting.
  • Pricing Upon Request
  • Custom Design and Branding
  • Parallel Processing
  • API
  • Existing System Integration
  • File Delivery Mechanism
  • Email Support

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