19 March 2021

Considerations When Using External APIs in Your Organisation


Digital transformation is a vital area of any business today, and using external APIs is one of the most effective ways of achieving this digitalisation.

Using external APIs is one of the best ways to bring additional functionality internally which in turn can enhance meaningful client interaction and differentiate your organisation. APIs allow organisations to provide better service, deliver better products and enhance their customer's digital experience.

Advantages of Using External APIs in Your Organisation

API integrations can offer huge room for growth in businesses. No matter what your specific objectives are or which platforms you use, there are external APIs that can enhance your operations.

Here are some of the main advantages of using external APIs in your organisation.

Greater Efficiency

APIs allow developers to achieve more while wasting less time. For example, when developing a program, an API can specify precisely how the different parts and components of software should be put together. This can eliminate a great deal of time-consuming work.

Enhancing efficiency is one of the key benefits of API implementation as it streamlines processes. It enables different systems and platforms to share information and carry out specific tasks.

Covers Technical Processes

When an organisation uses an external API, it can easily achieve more without having to know all the technical knowledge. Each API has a specific endpoint that will help your organisation achieve what it needs to do.

You can quickly achieve certain technical integrations by working with APIs. This means that you can easily connect the different applications and systems you use. Doing so improves functionality and usability. You can do all of this with the use of an API instead of needing to have advanced technical skills.

Personalised Experiences

API integration with other platforms can provide more data on how people interact with your application. This allows you to personalise their experience further. Better integration and personalisation leads to a superior user experience.

Promotes Innovation

As the opportunity to use external APIs increases, so does the room for innovation. Utilising APIs allows organisations to create more solutions and offer more. APIs reduce limits on innovation and thinking outside of the box.


More Streamlined Approach

Using APIs can vastly streamline a range of different business processes by making their operations far simpler. It greatly reduces the need for wide-ranging technical skills as APIs help to bridge gaps between applications easily.

APIs also help to connect everything to create an omnichannel operation. With everything connected, there is a better flow of data. This streamlines businesses processes, enabling them to ultimately improve their services.

Better Customer Experience

As mentioned, APIs allow organisations to create connections between various platforms. This means that no matter which platform a customer uses to communicate with an organisation, the employees will be able to see all past interactions with that customer from all platforms. This enables them to provide better support and, therefore, improves customer experience.

What To Consider When Using External APIs

Before choosing an external API to use, here are some important considerations to think about:

  • Documentation. External APIs don't offer you access to the source code, so it is important to have good documentation that lets you understand how it works.

  • Consistency. A good API needs to be consistent so that you know the code quality is high. This includes things like making sure all endpoints and attributes make sense, checking that all outputs are formatted the same, and so on.

  • Support. Having quality technical support is a must. You need to know that you can contact someone when you need help.

  • Data privacy. Always take a look at the data privacy policy to understand how your data will be used.

  • Pricing. When comparing API pricing, think about the kind of volume you will be working with and what limits the plan may have. Some cheaper options end up being more expensive over the long run.


External APIs allow organisations to use third-party services and platforms with greater power. Leveraging these services offers a better user experience, enabling businesses to appeal to a larger audience. It also opens doors to discover a greater range of solutions and innovations.

External APIs can help organisations to tap into the larger digital landscape and improve their services. They allow all organisations to achieve more and improve their digital ecosystem.

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