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Rent Butter, Inc
DynamicDocs API
Start Date
December 2022

Client Profile

Rent Butter, Inc is an innovative proptech startup that aims to modernize tenant screening. It operates in the rental industry, emphasizing the importance of responsible landlord practices. Recognizing the limitations of traditional credit bureaus, which were not originally designed for landlord utilization, Rent Butter has positioned itself as a solution in this gap. Their platform addresses the need for a more tailored approach to background checks in the rental space, ensuring that both landlords and tenants have a seamless and trustworthy experience.

Executive Summary

Rent Butter, Inc, a leading innovator in tenant screening, faced the challenge of converting rich JSON data into dynamic, actionable reports. By adopting the DynamicDocs API by ADVICEment, they found a solution that could produce visually compelling PDFs. With the expertise of the ADVICEment team, a custom dynamic template was crafted and integrated into Rent Butter's production environment. This strategic move not only streamlined Rent Butter's reporting process but also reinforced their dedication to providing landlords with comprehensive and insightful tenant evaluations.