In this section we describe some security consideration and limitations when consuming DynamicDocs API.

Latex Packages Limitation

Please note that not all Latex packages are available when compiling Latex files via our API. Currently the full Tex Live 2020 distribution is available via DynamicDocs API. However it is possible that your required package has not been included in distribution. In this case, you will not be able to use the package and will have to look for an alternative.

API Runtime Limitation

The document compilation will run for 60 seconds after which it will time out. This is used to protect the API from running documents which are too long and could lead to potential abuse of the API.

Template File Size Limitation

The template files are limited to the 3Mb limit. This is to ensure that large images are not used in the documents as those will increase the document size and would take considerable more time to download. In most cases, the culprit of breaching this limit are the included media files. We advise our clients to use graphics software and decrease the size of the media files. One can effectively do this without losing too much quality.