The DynamicDocs API provides an effective way to create bespoke pdf documents in bulk with ability to include graphics and logic in the documents.

This is done by writing templates in Latex online and then calling the API with json data payload, which consists of dynamic data for the document. Once the call has been made the API response will provide a link to the status JSON which once the document has been created will have a link to download the document.

The API can be consumed through RapidAPI.com or by contacting us directly. The direct option is aimed at clients who require a large number of documents each month together with dynamic charts and custom functionality. To try the API we recommend using rapidAPI and trying the FREE plan. Given your requirements you may migrate to a direct option. For more information on how to consume our API via the FREE plan please visit RapidAPI.com.

For various pricing options, please see Advicement pricing page.


The DynamicDocs API is available for consumption via the RapidAPI.com platform. We offer a free plan via RapidAPI to try and test our product. As well as offering paid plans which are suitable for clients that require up a large number of documents. For more information please visit the Advicement API page on RapidAPI.com.


The DynamicDocs API is also available for consumption directly for Enterprise clients who require custom functionality, dynamic documents and a large volume of documents. If you are interested in exploring this option, please send us an introduction email using the contact form with your details.