The page explains how to authenticate your requests to the DynamicDocs API. This done through the use of your account's API Key (Adv-Security-Token) which is generated in the Dashboard.

Generate Your API Key

The API key is the unique identifier for your account. This token can be generated in the Edit Account Details section in the Dashboard of your account. The API key gets shown once, when it is generated and the same key cannot be retrieved again. A new key can be generated again in the dashboard, but this will make the previous key invalid and you will have to update your API calls. Please take care of writting it down and keeping it safe.

The API key is used as the Adv-Security-Token header parameter in authenticating your API calls.

Header Parameter - API Key
Key Value
Adv-Security-Token {apiSecurityToken}

The apiSecurityToken value always needs to be included under the Adv-Security-Token header parameters section of the API call. Do not share this parameter outside your organisation as this token gives access to your LaTeX templates.

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