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etfSA - Excel PDF Add-in

Start Date
June 2023

Executive Summary

etfSA, a leading South African wealth manager specialising in ETF solutions, has transformed its investment reporting process with the DynamicDocs Excel to PDF Add-in. This powerful tool, designed to streamline PDF generation, introduces dynamic visualizations, and seamlessly connects with Excel data. Adoption of this tool has resulted in delivering crystal-clear reports, heightened operational efficiency, and an improved client experience.

Customer Profile

etfSA is a leading provider of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) portfolios in South Africa, dedicated to offering cost-effective, passive investment solutions. They champion investor education, providing clear, accurate, and engaging reports to support informed decision-making. At the heart of their vision lies a commitment to building long-term relationships with clients, fostering trust through transparency and personalized service.

Customer Challenge

etfSA faced the challenge of manually generating personalized investment reports, involving complex data manipulation, static visualization, and time-consuming processes. This limited their ability to deliver engaging reports, impacting client experience and internal resource allocation.


etfSA adopted the DynamicDocs Excel to PDF Add-in, seamlessly integrating it with their existing Excel workflows. This add-in offered:
  • Effortless Data Transformation: Complex data is instantly converted into visually appealing and informative PDFs with a single click.

  • Dynamic Visualization: Reports automatically update with changing data, ensuring accuracy and relevance.

  • Increased Efficiency: PDF report generation saves time and resources, as the reports are generated at a click of a button.

  • Seamless Integration with Excel: The add-in is seamlessly installed and appears as a ribbon at the top of Excel.


The adoption of the DynamicDocs Excel to PDF Add-in has yielded significant benefits for etfSA:
  • Enhanced Client Experience: Clear, concise, and engaging reports improved client understanding, fostering trust and satisfaction.

  • Improved Efficiency: Automated report generation saved time and resources, allowing for greater focus on other areas of the business.

  • Ensured Consistency: The add-in safeguards report integrity by using custom templates, ensuring consistency across all documents.

By embracing the DynamicDocs Excel to PDF Add-in, etfSA has improved their investment reporting amd saved a significant amount of time every month.