Video: Seamlessly Generate 100 PDFs from Excel with a Single Click

09 February 2024 Igor Rodionov
Excel to Multiple PDF Conversion
Excel to Multiple PDF Conversion

Transform your Excel workflow with DynamicDocs, our powerful Excel to PDF Add-in. In this quick video, we'll show you how to effortlessly generate 100 PDF documents with just one click using the DynamicDocs Excel to PDF Add-in!.

Excel to PDF Add-in

DynamicDocs is an add-in for anyone with a requirement to generate PDFs using Excel data. The installation introduces a user-friendly ribbon, seamlessly integrated into your Excel interface. Once installed, the DynamicDocs ribbon gives you the ability to generate PDFs.

Power of DynamicDocs

The video demonstrates just how easy it is generate large amount of PDFs using underlying data from Excel. With the click of a single button labeled 'All' on the DynamicDocs ribbon, the add-in communicates with the DynamicDocs API, initiating the document creation process. What follows is a swift and efficient execution of API calls, data transfer, document generation, and downloading – all without requiring complex configurations or multiple manual steps.

API Magic

Behind the scenes, the Add-in utilizes DynamicDocs API to handle the heavy lifting. The API receives the data from your spreadsheet, creates the corresponding PDF documents, and seamlessly downloads them to your specified folder. This seamless integration between Excel and DynamicDocs API ensures a hassle-free experience for users, minimizing the time and effort traditionally spent on document generation.

Swift Document Generation

One of the standout features of DynamicDocs is its remarkable speed. The video showcases the add-in swiftly generating 100 PDF documents based on the data within the Excel spreadsheet – all completed within a matter of seconds. This rapid document generation not only enhances productivity but also allows users to focus on more critical tasks, confident that their document needs are being met efficiently.


DynamicDocs stands as a testament to the power of innovation in simplifying complex tasks. This Excel to PDF add-in is time-saving, workflow-enhancing solution. By effortlessly creating 100 PDF documents with a single click, DynamicDocs empowers users to streamline their document generation process. Subscribe to ADVICEment Youtube channel to see more videos on dynamic PDF generatione.